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  • A+ Books Canada - Online book and curriculum store dedicated to homeschool and home educating families.
  • A Beka Book - The largest Christian textbook publisher in the world, A Beka Book has provided quality education materials since 1974. review04.gif (217 bytes)
  • A to Z Home's Cool - A starting place for exploring homeschooling resources, created by Ann Zeise, your homeschooling guide to the web.
  • Activities for Learning - Offers a mathematics program that is visual and hands-on for kindergarten through fourth grades.
  • Adventures in Writing - With Janie Lynn Panagopoulos. "Readers Make Leaders."
  • Alpha Omega Publications - Home of our Home School catalog on-line. Your will also find software, biblical and traditional education and an on-line academy.
  • Answers in Genesis - Answers in Genesis equips the Church to defend the authority and accuracy of the Bible.
  • Articles for Educators - Offers lesson plans, classroom activities, field trip ideas, games, motivational tips, and more, for a wide variety of subject areas, including math, language arts, and music.
  • Atco School Supply, Inc. - Providing quality and value in home schooler's educational products.


  • Barb Shelton's Homeschool Oasis - Books and resources produced by Barb Shelton (and Dave). Helps and resources for Homeschooling through High School. Help for new, burning out, or just plain frustrated homeschoolers.
  • Bartleby Library - Great Books On-line - Links to classic and classical books you can read on-line.
  • Bayside School Services - Offers the best do-it-yourself standardized achievement tests, available all year.
  • Beautiful Feet Books - Publishers of literature-based studies for homeschoolers including study guides and associated materials.
  • Bethlehem Books - A small, home grown publishing company dedicated to restoring to children and families a treasury of wholesome, character-building literature.
  • Bible Notes - The entire Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is summarized with easy-to-read review notes and keypoints -- useful for everyone and a resource for Bible study.
  • Bible Study Guide - Makes the Bible the centerpiece of study for Sunday schools, small groups, Bible classes, homeschools, and family devotionals.


  • Cal-Driver-Ed.Com - This home study correspondence course satisfies the California DMV driver education requirements for students to obtain a learners permit and drivers license.
  • Challenge Math - Featuring a 350 page book containing over 1000 problems in 20 different areas to challenge your child and develop their problem solving skills.
  • ChildU - "The Learning Odyssey" provides educators, parents and students with a comprehensive, individualized curriculum for grades 1-8 delivered entirely over the Internet!
  • Christian Book Distributors - The CBD warehouse holds over 80,000 different Christian books, videos, CD's, cassettes, gifts, toys, and games - all of them are available at the click of a mouse. review04.gif (217 bytes)
  • Christian Home Educators Confederation of Kansas - An association of support groups serving as an information clearinghouse and advocate for homeschooling in Kansas.
  • Christian Homeschool Fellowship - We have a message board with many sections, articles, our favorite books bookstore, and many other resources.
  • Christian Liberty Academy - An independent and non-denominational educational program with students representing all branches of the Christian faith.
  • Classical Christian Homeschooling - Dedicated to Classical Educational Theory and its practical application in grades K-12 for homeschooling families.
  • Common Sense Press - Publisher of easy-to-use material for Homeschoolers, Private Schools and anyone involved in bringing quality education to children.
  • Core Curriculum - Home Schooling made easy. Curriculum customized for you.
  • Cornerstone Curriculum - Homeschooling materials by David Quine for building families upon the Biblical World View.
  • Covenant Home Curriculum - Providers of a complete, eclectic, classical approach, K-12 curriculum for home educators with a reformed Christian world view.
  • Creation, Dinosaurs and the Flood - Creation explanation. You have questions, we have answers. Ask your questions about creation, evolution, dinosaurs and Noah's flood.
  • Crossroads Christian School, Inc. - Crossroads Christian School, Inc. is a non-profit (FL. Statute 617) corporation located near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida.
  • Crosswalk.com - Information, discussion and resources dealing with home based education.
  • Critical Thinking Books & Software - For over 40 years we have offered the largest selection of quality critical thinking products available anywhere.
  • Curriculum Services - Complete Kindergarten to 12th Grade Programs for busy Homeschoolers.


  • DonnaYoung.org - This website contains information and many useful print-outs for those who are educating children.
  • Derri's Discoveries - Quality bargain-priced used books for training children at home.
  • Diana Waring - History Alive! - Diana Waring's History curriculum, is making it's debut on the internet.
  • Discovery Magazine - Scripture & Science for Kids is a full-color, 8-page paper for eight- to twelve-year-old kids. It features articles, exercises, and puzzles on nature, archeaology, inspiration, and other topics on Christian evidences."
  • Doorposts - Bible based parenting products - Products to help you apply scripture in your home.
  • Dragon's Little Red School House - Learning is an ongoing process that opens minds to new opportunities. This site is tribute and an aid to all those dedicated to the teaching of others.
  • Draw to Learn - Helps students internalize truths from God’s Word. Homeschooling families, art teachers, and Bible students of any age can develop their artistic talent while learning from the Scriptures.
  • Driver Education from PEN - Students who successfully complete Driver Education & Drug and Alcohol Awareness will be issued DMV Certificates Of Completion.


  • EagerReaders - Good books for kids: List of 700+ books read and recommended by both parents and children.
  • Eagle's Wings Educational Materials - Created by Homeschoolers with your homeschooling needs in mind. Easy-to-use, hands-on approach, with the benefits of workbooks.
  • Eclectic Homeschool Online - A complete online magazine with resources and articles for homeschoolers.
  • Ed Helper - Lesson plans, webquests, teachers worksheets, primary teacher resources and more.
  • Editec Communication Children's Books On-line - Our library currently houses 400 antique children's books published in the 19th and early 20th century.
  • Educate the Children (Parent Zone) - For the primary school teacher, there are lesson plans, worksheets, articles and teaching strategies available to view and download freely.
  • Education Place - Elementary resources for teachers, students, and parents. Includes Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies Centers, Intervention, Professional Development, searchable activity database, educational games, and textbook support.
  • Education PLUS - A storehouse of information, resources, articles, and practical advice.
  • Education Policy Analysis Archives (Homeschool Study) - Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics of Home School Students in 1998.
  • Education Resources - Statistics Canada - Easy access to a wide variety of statistical and services which have been specifically designed for students and teachers.
  • Educational Accents - On-line bookstore with new and used books for Homeschoolers.
  • Educational Sewing Patterns - We sell a sewing pattern for a Bible story set which includes adorable, cloth, Bible doll figures and a Bible story mat.
  • Educator's Exchange - We provide mail order sales to home educators all over the world as well as walk-in service at our store location in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Emmanuel Books - Specializing in Catholic educational resources.
  • Exodus Provisions - New and used home school curriculum, Christian books and cassettes Books for children, and classic reading.



  • Gentle Spirit - Gentle Spirit is published 11 times per year by Rick Seelhoff and Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff with a little help from our children and our friends.
  • Geography Matters - A family operated home-based business. We specialize in publishing outline maps and geography curriculum for home and school.
  • God's World Books - A one-stop source for home school resources. We've been helping home schoolers and parents find the very best books and educational products for their children for 14 years.
  • Grasp Math - The GraspMath system is the proven way to improve your scores in math, algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry, and probability and statistics."
  • Great Grades - Educational software that fits each child's needs.
  • Great Homeschool Books - Shepherd's Nook is a Christian Bookstore specializing in new and used homeschool curriculum.
  • Greek 'n' Stuff - We sell Greek, Latin, and Bible study workbooks. We also offer links to other homeschooling sites.
  • Greenleaf Press - Here's where you can find out about Greenleaf Press products - especially our History Study Packages.


  • Happy Homeschooling - I decided to post this site to make finding the information needed for homeschooling a little less overwhelming for myself and other first-time homeschoolers.
  • Harvest Educational Products - Providing a wide array of homeschool and educational materials for all ages. Our product line includes curriculum, educational books, games, manipulative, as well as parent help books.
  • Heart of Wisdom - Publishes a variety of materials to help Christian families bring up children with a hearts desire for true wisdom and knowledge from the Lord.
  • Heather Madrone's Homeschooling Page - We live, work, learn, and play at home. Our home is the heart of our lives and this page is the home and heart of our web pages.
  • HELM Online - Your starting place for exploring Home Education and Individual Learning on the Net. Brought to you by Home Education Learning Magazine.
  • Help for Homeschoolers - new.gif (147 bytes) The place to go for Christian homeschool families, free resources, advice, and curriculum.
  • Heroes of History - Writers, missionaries, evangelists, preachers, scientists, explorers, Livingstone, Nightingale, ten Boom, Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis, Wesley, and more.
  • HighSchool Science - (Apologia Educational Ministries). High school science curriculum that is especially designed for the home school. Written by a former university professor.
  • Home Crusaders Website - Homeschool support site for parents. Has many resources, links, helps, and reviews.
  • Home Education Magazine - Businesses and organizations serving homeschoolers.
  • HomeEducator.com The Place For Educational Entrepreneurs - the place for educational entrepreneurs.
  • Home Grown Families - Our goal is to provide resources that will promote spiritual and personal maturity within your family and homeschooling.
  • Home Sweet Home-School - Grab some cookies, and freshly ground, brewed coffee, or some tea if you prefer, and stay awhile!
  • Homeschool Advisor - Ask questions about homeschooling and get a reply from one of their experts, buy homeschool curriculum online, find local homeschool support groups.
  • Homeschool Associates - Get your free newspaper, read great articles written by homeschoolers about homeschooling.
  • Homeschool.com - A web site for homeschooling, featuring the latest information, extensive resources and support.
  • Homeschool-A New Beginning! - The homeschool resource guide that you've been waiting for. It is for those just starting out as well as for veterans home school families.
  • Homeschoolarts.com - Dedicated to the teaching and instruction of the visual arts on line to all that would be interested be they a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. review04.gif (217 bytes)
  • Homeschool @ the Rudolph Ranch - Lots of homeschool resources, planners, and practical activities.
  • Homeschool Basketball - Dedicated to aid the growth and development of homeschool basketball, with an emphasis on Christian character and good sportsmanship.
  • Homeschool Bid - A unique new homeschool auction site offering bidding on all types of homeschool materials, including used homeschool curriculum, new homeschool books and supplies.
  • Homeschool Central - The place for homeschoolers and those interested in homeschooling to find all of the homeschool resources they need.
  • Homeschooling Conferences by State - Conferences are listed under the State where they will be located.
  • Homeschool Yellowpages - Online yellow pages designed for the Homeschooling community. Includes listings of homeschool vendors, homeschool message boards, homeschooling articles and more.
  • Homeschoolhome - Homeschoolers, parents, and other teachers will find free printable worksheets and activities here to enhance their lesson plans.
  • Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap - Come to the original Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap. We're the oldest continuous used curriculum site on the Net.
  • Homeschool's "Education Doctor" - Dr. Paul Cates presents a multi-faceted Christian ministry and educational services to homeschoolers and Christian School students.
  • Homeschool Forms on the Web - Free forms, planners, worksheets and logs for HomeSchool use.
  • HomeSchool Hangout - A Christian Education and Resource Center.
  • Homeschool Quest - Christian resources for homeschoolers, as well as discussion boards, curriculum exchange boards, and more.
  • Home School Solutions - Offering software to assist you in tracking and organizing your home school records on your Windows 95/98 computer.
  • Homeschooling Boys - The site title says it all. Check this site out for Homeschooling information regarding who else? Boys.
  • Homeschooling Mommies - We feel strongly about locating wholesome literature that would not only enhance our curriculum, but would draw us together as a family. We feel that good Christian literature can challenge and inspire readers of all ages.
  • Homeschooling Today - Both a publication and an on-line destination full of ready-to-use curriculum, teaching tips, resources, and practical encouragement for you as a home educator.
  • Homeschool Yearbooks   - Have you wanted to give your children a lasting memento of their unique homeschool experience?
  • Homeschooling --Who Me? - Information, resources and links including state laws, learning styles, teaching styles and curricula by learning style.
  • Homeschool's Cool. You Can Do It - Our "How to Homeschool Kit" is designed to introduce you to homeschooling.
  • Homestead Books - Used and new books for your family’s home-school. Come into our schoolhouse and browse through treasures and bargains.
  • HomeTaught - The goal of this site is to provide parents, educators, and scholars with thoughtful insights about homeschooling.
  • Home Training Tools - Your source of science materials and equipment for homeschools and families.
  • Honeycomb Instructional Material - We are a full service homeschool supply store staffed entirely by experienced homeschool consultants.
  • Hope Chest on the Web - Articles from The Hope Chest Home School Newsletter, and loads of links on home schooling, family life, homemaking, ministry, and other topics.
  • How Great Thou Art - Art supplies and art curriculum since 1991. Fourteen different art curriculums for children of all ages.
  • HSLDA - Home School Legal Defense Association. For more than 15 years we have defended the rights of Home Schoolers. review04.gif (217 bytes)


  • Illinois Christian Home Educators - Dedicated to helping Christian families get the information and support they need to educate their children in today's society.
  • Illinois HOUSE - Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience.
  • I'm a Musician Homeschool Music Curriculum - A series of three do-it-yourself music workbooks designed to teach practical keyboard performance skills and music theory.
  • In His Steps - Home education curriculum supplier with a selection of quality literature for children and adults along with games and gifts.
  • Intrepid Books - Publishing books that teach Godly principles and Christian ethics to your children by using Providential History.



  • Kaidy Educational Resources - Kaidy offers innovative manipulatives to make the learning of math successful and Fun. We share ideas with educators and parents.
  • Kaleidoscapes - For kids and home education enthusiasts. (Especially eclectic and self-directed learning advocates) discussion boards and more.
  • Kangamanga Homeschooling - The goal of this site is to educate those new to home schooling, and offer support to those who are already in the midst of this journey.
  • Karen Gibson's list of Homeschool Mailing Lists - Homeschooling email lists, newsletters, etc. This is an ongoing project, and new lists are being created every day.
  • Keepers of the Faith - Good things for your family. Family building resources for over 19 years.
  • Kidsites - A directory of the best safe sites for kids, teachers and families.
  • King's Harvest - An eclectic mix of Christian, character building, and even one or two secular, unit studies; books; games; and even full curriculum packages.
  • Kids Character Builders - Committed to helping our children grow through character building.
  • Kid's Turn - At Kids’ Turn we offer good quality, reasonably-priced, previously-read children’s books for all ages. This site is not only for children, but for all lovers of children’s literature.
  • Kingwood Community Academy - Resources for homeschoolers including curriculum sources, online educational materials, freebies, kids page, and recipes.
  • KMS Books - Aimed at homeschoolers and other book-lovers. It includes many helpful linksregarding education, books and general interest.
  • Knowledgerush book directory - An online library resource for thousands of free books to read, and place to publish your original works.
  • Kristi's Homeschool Site - My goal in creating this site is to help out you, homeschool families and parents, so you won't have to spend all your time searching for things.


  • LaCelle Family Ministries - We want to make available things that will spiritually enrich their homeschooling & family life and make learning happen a bit effortlessly.
  • Latin Teach - A site for teachers of the Latin language and other classical teaching information.
  • Learnables foreign language courses - International Linguistics Corporation, incorporated in 1976, develops and markets premier foreign language teaching programs for children and adults.
  • Learning 2000 Home School Support Group - This page was dedicated to discussion and support for home school families who use Learning 2000.
  • Learning Page - Teachers, Parents, Homeschoolers, this is the place for free worksheets, lesson plans, activities and more.
  • LearningPlanet.com - Fun interactive learning activities in a variety of subjects appropriate for preschool age and up.
  • Learn it on the web - Educational web sites, home schooling resources, teaching resources.
  • Legacy of Liberty - A curriculum in world history, government, philosophy, law, apologetics, and early American history.
  • Lguide - Reviews of online courses in business, technology, finance, test prep, foreign language, self help, k-12 learning, and more.
  • Little Lambs School at Home - Christian Homeschool Family with links to interest those educating or considering educating.
  • Lost Classics Book company - Resurrecting the values of an earlier America. Our mission is to seek out and republish the finest textbooks, readers and historical novels of the past.


  • Mantel Ministries - Mantle Ministries offers rare, historical books, educational audio tapes, Christian videos, and many other products. Invite Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler to dramatize historical events at your church, school, or conference.
  • Math TV - Math and algebra help is here. Online video lessons help tutor college and high school math students with basic math, prealgebra, algebra and trigonometry.
  • Meet The Masters - Discover the creativity in your children. Over 1 million children have become artists through the 3-step MeetTheMasters curriculum: 1) Art history CD-ROM 2) Art technique packets 3) Create a masterpiece activity.
  • Memoria Press - We are dedicated to providing excellent classical education resources for the homeschooling and private Christian school community.
  • Military Home Educators Network - A forthrightly Christian organization created to provide information and networking for military homeschooling families.
  • Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators - The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators was formed in 1983 to encourage Christian families in the home education of their children.
  • Momma Bear - Homeschooling links, ideas, fun and games for kids. Come see us for weekly changes.
  • MommySchool.com - Our goal is to help you whether you are homeschooling or looking for fun ways to supplement your children's education.
  • Moore Expressions - The largest homeschool bookstore in Virginia, and our slogan is simple, "Their catalog is our catalog."
  • My Academic Only Home Page - This site is loaded with all manner of academic links from Abstracts to Zoology and beyond.
  • My Father's World - Kindergarten and First Grade curriculum for homeschool and Christian schools.
  • My Home School World! - I wanted to provide a place where people could go and find information on any subject.


  • National Homeschool Association - Exists to advocate individual choice and freedom in education and to serve those families who choose to homeschool.
  • NHERI - The non-profit National Home Education Research Institute. NHERI engages in professional research for various clients throughout the nation.
  • NIFTY NIBBLES: Children's Literary Magazine - Do you have a story, poem, puzzle, book review, or some art work you would like to share with others? Submit it to NIFTY NIBBLES!
  • Northstar Academy - A private Christian on-line school offering programs of study based on the USA, Canadian, and UK curriculum models.


  • Oak Meadow School - For over twenty years, we've been creating innovative distance learning opportunities for students around the world from Preschool through High School.
  • One House School Room - This site contains helpful homeschooling hints, resources, and links, and information on learning styles and preschoolers' development.
  • Ontario Christian Home Educators Connection - A Provincial volunteer organization seeking to connect, support, and equip Home Educators.
  • Orthodox Christian Homeschool Information Center - This page contains only information specifically related to Orthodox Christian homeschooling.
  • Our Home Our School - Many articles and resources on a wide variety of aspects of homeschooling, including just starting out, burning out, and high school.
  • Our Land Publications - History studies in weekly newspaper format by Robert C. Law for 4th - 8th grades, public, private, Christian, and homeschool.


  • Patria Press, Inc. - Fun-to-read stories of the childhood adventures of great American heroes and heroines.
  • Parent & Home Education, the Moore Foundation - We can help you to give your child that "something better" in education, character development, and creativity.
  • Parent's Union Online - Eight ladies trying to fine-tune the details and start a curriculum guide for grades 7-12.
  • Peggie's Place - You're on the doorstep of the most fun Christian home on the Web. Rooms filled with wonderful resources, warm friends, and a world of fun.
  • Piano Lessons Unlimited - Would you like to be able to play any song on the piano or keyboard by ear? It's possible! In fact, you can do it today.
  • Play 'N Talk - A Complete Professional Phonics-Based Reading & Spelling Program with Skill Builders Available on CD's, Cassettes, LP's, or Multi Media on the Computer for ALL Ages.
  • Prepare & Pray Unit Study - Welcome to the Shepherd Farms Enterprises "Prepare & Pray!" Page. This page is a review of our new homeschooling unit study.
  • Prestonspeed Publications - Offering free resources, message boards, chats, formal conferences and curriculum helps. Sections include: Getting Started, FAQs, Book Page, Movie Page, Feature Page & Position Papers Page.



  • Rainbow Resource Center - Learning Tools for Homes and Schools.
  • Ramblin' Irishman - A community is created by home schooled teenagers, for home schooled teenagers. Enjoy the RI's bulletin boards, chat room, penpal list, and more.
  • Randi's Reruns Homeschool Resources - Our inventory consists of "rerun" (used) books, many new ones as well, lots of hands-on manipulatives, science kits, and lab equipment.
  • Reading-now - Early Reading Skills Resources; books written by Helen Zeitzoff a veteran reading teacher now continuing work as an author and tutor.
  • Reading Specialist, The -   This site was developed to help parents teach their child to decode and comprehend books using strategies that are researched and productive.
  • Religious Resources on The Net - Religious Resources on the Net is a comprehensive, searchable database of religious and Christian web sites on the Internet.
  • RHL School Worksheets - The one and only place on the web to get hundreds of free quality worksheets for teaching, reinforcement, and review.
  • Robbinson Curriculum - We show you how to set up a self-teaching home-school where the best minds in history teach your children through books.
  • R.O.C.K. Solid - We are providers of homeschooling and teacher supplies, Christian books and study materials.
  • Rose Rock - We value and respect the different educational philosophies and diverse religious views of our members.
  • Rosewall Christian Academy Independent Study Program -  Specializing in Christ-centered, parent-directed education. Rosewall Christian Academy is an independent study program that encourages parents to train children to have hearts "wholly dedicated to the Lord".


  • Safe Haven Studies in Virtue - Why teach Character? "Character is what you are in the dark." Dwight L. Moody.
  • Sassafrass Grove - Featuring a variety of subjects for alterative and home education with valuable information, ideas and hundreds of links.
  • Saxon Publishers - Publishes Math and Phonics textbooks for use in grades K-12 for school and home study use.
  • Scholarstuff - Homeschool laws, associations, curriculum, and chat.
  • SchoolExpress - An educational portal website. Follow our links to thousands of Free Worksheets, hundreds of Free Software programs, Online Kids Activities, ePhonics, and links to hundreds of educational websites.
  • School Is Dead; Learn in Freedom! - How and why to learn in freedom, with or without school.
  • School Of Health - Offering nutrition and science courses for high school level students. One of the few sites dedicated to health and nutrition for homeschoolers.
  • ScienceMaster - ScienceMaster provides esources, information, community and commerce for science education.
  • Scout School - Using Scout badge requirements for supplementing home-school curriculum.
  • Second Harvest Curriculum - Save 25-75% off quality preowned homeschool curricula and books.
  • Seton Home Study - The mission of Seton Home Study School is to help parents with the Catholic education of their children, in all subject areas, in grades K-12.
  • Shekinah Curriculum Cellar - We carry over 3000 high quality books and teaching aids chosen specifically for home educators.
  • Simplified Learning Products - Help for those raising or homeschooling their children by providing teaching tools to make learning easier for everyone and possible for anyone.
  • Simply Sara's Learning Zone - A very special place.
  • Site for Teachers - A new Web site which lists the best Teacher Web sites on the net.
  • Sleeping Bear Press. new.gif (147 bytes) Quality literature for all ages. Browse a huge golf book catalog, wonderful children’s books, many high-end sports, beautiful coffee table nature books and Michigan related books
  • Songs 4 Teachers - A music resource for the primary teacher or for anyone who works with children.
  • Sonlight Curriculum - The international Christian homeschool supply company featuring a unit study approach to history motivated by a Christ-honoring heart for the world.
  • Sonshine Inn Books - A new and used homeschool curriculum store located in Oregon (although we also sell worldwide through the internet).
  • Still Waters Revival Books - Christian (rare Reformation, Covenanter, Puritan, Presbyterian and Calvinistic) books (Geneva Bibles) Free and for sale at great discounts by mail.
  • Southwest Homeschooling Network - Information about the Southwest Homeschooling Network.
  • Student Of the Word Curriculum - A Bible-centered homeschool, K- 12th, curriculum for Christian parents who desire to disciple their children.
  • Succeed by Thinking - We sell Critical Thinking Books & Software products at up to 35 percent off list price to home schooling parents and others.
  • Suite101.com - A resource guide and index to HomeSchool links, articles and sites of interest.
  • Sunny Hollow Press - Here to introduce you to some neat learning materials for preschoolers and their parents and teachers.
  • Sweet As Honey - Christ Centered Curriculum for Homeschoolers. Honey is sweet but wisdom is sweeter.
  • Sweet Home Press - Curriculum and aids for a lifestyle of learning; including a full-year language arts curriculum for ages nine through fifteen.


  • Teel Family Homeschool Site - We have plenty of Activities as well as educational & homeschool resources and information.
  • Temples At Home School Room - Information about Homeschooling. What it is, why people do it, and what our experiences have been.
  • Texas Home School Coalition - Dedicated to serving and protecting the home school community of Texas.
  • The Basic Cozy Grammar Course - A light-hearted, whimsical approach to learning basic English grammar.
  • The Book Peddler - A supplier of educational materials for home schooling families.
  • The Catholic Goldmine - One of the most comprehensive catholic webpages on the internet. over 2,200 links and an easy to use format.
  • The Christian Connector - The free Christian college and youth opportunities information service.
  • The Elijah Company - We can't begin to reprint all of the homeschooling information and items that we carry in our 200 page catalog here on these few web pages.
  • The Family Resource Center - Supporting Homeschooling Families
    of Massachusetts.
  • The Father Books - new.gif (147 bytes) Christian books, home school curricula and Christian home school books.
  • The Felt Source - A complete line of Educational feltboards and felt Bible Lessons for school, church, homeschool and play.
  • The Happy Homeschooler - I am a veteran homeschooler who loves helping families get started on the great homeschooling adventure.
  • The Home School.com - The Home School provides free advice and homeschooling support from experienced homeschoolers to parents who have decided to homeschool their children.
  • The HomeSchool Channel - You'll find fun, practical info and kindred spirits to help you continue learning or teaching in the best place possible...at home.
  • TheHomeschoolMom.com - Helps you to find more of the best offers and information that the web has to offer without the investment of time that it usually takes to get to the "good stuff".
  • The Homeschooler's Friend - THF is a homeschool support organization open to all homeschoolers.
  • The Kids Zone - The Kids Zone Magazine, the magazine for kids, by kids.
  • The L.A.M.B. Company - Christian homeschooling curriculum provider. Also offering customized curriculum and assistance with student evaluations and lesson planning.
  • The Lighthouse Homeschool - Learn about our life-changing commitment to academic excellence.
  • The Link - A free national HomeSchool publication - Circulation 100,000 - Readership 300,000.
  • The Lord's Harvest - You may be a new Home Schooler or you may be a veteran Home Schooler. I hope, either way, that you find what you need here.
  • The Notgrass Company - Explore what the Bible says about creation from Genesis through Revelation. Creating a Sense of Wonder helps children know God and appreciate His word.
  • The Old School House - Home Education, study hall, products for all, articles on hs, sense of belonging, state laws.
  • The Robinson Self-teaching Curriculum - Teach your children to teach themselves and to acquire superior knowledge as did many of America's most outstanding citizens.
  • The Sycamore Tree - The Sycamore Tree, Inc. provides homeschool educational services to students in grades K-12 all over the world.
  • The Teaching Home Magazine - Written for Home Schoolers by Home Schoolers. Home-school families from around the world write letters in “Our Readers Write.” Identify with the joys, trials, and successes of home schoolers, and be inspired and encouraged.
  • The Teen Homeschooler - This site is an electronic magazine / community site specifically by and for teen homeschoolers.
  • The Wonderful WWW of Homeschooling Humor... - Homeschool links along with humorous features such as "Top Ten Lists" and other stories.
  • ThisNation.com - An American Government and Politics online resource guide and textbook.
  • Timberdoodle - Meeting the Needs of Home Educators. "The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart, and a good conscience and a sincere faith." - 1 Timothy 1:5.
  • Third Floor Publishing - They write and publish books about the lessons they have learned homeschooling and a local homeschool newsletter.
  • Titus2.com - "Managers of Their Homes", A Practical Guide to Daily Scheduling for Christian Home-School Families.
  • Trailblazer Books - Action-packed historical fiction introducing young people to great Christian heroes.
  • Trisms Homeschool Curriculum - Time Related Integrated Studies for Mastering Skills. A homeschool curriculum for middle and high school ages.
  • Tutorial World - Tutorial World provides free questions for your practice. Do print out the worksheets and come back as many times as you like.


  • Under His Wings Home School Support Resources - A home school materials company selling home school curriculum, children's books, unit study guides, and other literature.
  • Unit Study Adventures - Perfect for the homeschool or classroom teacher interested in or currently using the unit study approach for teaching.
  • Uptoten - "Up To Ten". A portal for kids. More than 400 FREE games and activities for kids. Ideal for 0 to 10 year-olds.


  • Veg Source Homeschool Boards - Community HomeSchooling Board For all general homeschooling topics.
  • Veritas Press - Providing Christian educators in the home and school setting with quality tools for a quality education led us to develop a full curriculum company.
  • Verity and Cherity Publications - King James Bible based study program with 107 lessons cover the entire Bible, book by book, in an ascending order of difficulty.


  • Weaver Curriculum - A unit-based home education for children from preschool through high school that teaches fundamental knowledge and learning within the larger context of the Scriptures.
  • WindyCreek Homeschool - Explores the homeschooling experiences of 30 different families. Site includes resources and information from the Windy Creek homeschool.
  • Wisdom's Gate - We serve the Christian community with quality materials which emphasize Character Building, Family Discipleship and Developing a Biblical Worldview.
  • WriteGuide - Devoted to the teaching of writing. 100% individualized writing instruction with a 24 hour guarantee, editing, and writing curriculum for homeschoolers.
  • World Wide Home School - A unique community of homeschoolers offering a wide variety of resources and tools for homeschoolers.



  • Young Earth Preparatory Academy - We believe that it is our God-given responsibility to teach our children Biblical teachings and living.
  • Young Heroes of History - A ten book series of novels for young adult readers that is readable and fun! These adventure packed books starring every day kids living through the Civil War make learning history exciting!"


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