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Web Site Content
What a refreshing website. I could visit for hours.  While many websites exist to sell things this site appears to exist to help homeschoolers teach art to their students.

Although they do sell art supplies it isn’t the major focus of the site. The site has free lesson plans for many art mediums. There are lessons to teach beginners to intermediate students. There are lessons in pencil drawing, pen and ink drawing, pastels and watercolors. The artists of the site even volunteers to evaluate your art work (details in their FAQ section).

The site is easy to navigate and you can pick and choose the lessons you want to review. They even have a free on-line newsletter and a student and teacher’s gallery where you can be inspired by other people’s art work.

Web Site Lay Out
With a web site title including the words "visual arts" you would expect an experiential "web treat". HomeSchoolArts does not disappoint.

The site is easy to navigate and is propagated with low byte count (easy on the eyes) images that make down-loading less than a chore.

The site would benefit from an internal search engine thereby allowing the visitor to quickly find specific information. However, this quasi-criticism not withstanding, the general effect and overall production of this site is very satisfying.

Product Ordering Information (if any)
You can also choose to shop their on-line store by simply clicking on the Art Supply logo. The shopping site, by the author's admission, is intended to fund the rest of the web site thereby keeping it free to its visitors.

Products in the store are well organized. It was not apparent if ordering was to be accomplished in a "secure" environment, however, once a product is selected and readied for order, the familiar "closed lock" icon appears.

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