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Kindergarten Writing and Language Arts Resources

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Concerned Communications
A Reason For Writing Series
A K-6 handwriting curriculum using Scripture and traditional manuscript and cursive approach. Scripture poster practice sheets.
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Any Child Can Write
Harvey S. Weiner
Written in a warm and engaging style by a renowned educational authority, this program shows parents how to set up an atmosphere that encourages creative written expression--preschool through high school (and beyond)--by building attitudes of aptitude that, coupled with a parent's guidance, create confidence in linguistic ability. Wiener's philosophy of writing and many suggested activities will give you the framework you need to nurture the creative process in your children.
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Christian Journal Writing Primary
Frank Schaffer
Writing on a daily basis is an important way for children to process their thoughts, analyze their actions, and record their wishes. This title helps primary grade students get started on writing their own personal journal.
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Complete Writing Lessons For The Primary Grades
Marjorie Frank
A resource full of motivating writing lessons perfect for the homeschooler. Young writers will learn to collect and organize ideas, write rough drafts, criticize and revise written material, and share finished products. Designed with the busy teacher in mind, these lessons are ready for use. Reproducible.
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Concerned Communications
God Made My World: A Beginner's Book for Manuscript Handwriting
This book helps children explore the beginning of written letters, taking them letter by letter through the whole alphabet and establishing solid handwriting principles.
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If You're Trying to Teach your Kids how to Write, You've Gotta Have this Book
Marjorie Frank
This all-time favorite is a how-to book for understanding and working with the whole writing process, an at-your-fingertips source of ideas for starting specific activities, and a manual for solving writing problems.
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Instruction Guidebook for K-6
Revised edition. Begins with general principles of handwriting. Special sections give specific information for teaching pre-manuscript, manuscript, transition, & cursive handwriting. Offers dozens of supplementary exercises, games, & ideas for sharing the Scripture Border sheets, complete vocabulary lists for the cursive worktexts, plus more.
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A Beka Book
Kindergarten Writing Tablet (Cursive)
As children learn how to write the letters of the alphabet, they practice them in this seatwork tablet. Pages without samples are also included for extra practice. Kindergarten Writing Tablet has enough pages for seatwork during second semester.
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My First Dictionary
Betty Root
A beginner's dictionary gives simple definitions of more than one thousand commonly used words and helps young readers develop vocabulary, spelling, and alphabetizing skills. Reading level: Ages 4-8.
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Getty/Dubay Continuing Education Press
The Italic Handwriting Series
Barbara Getty
A comprehensive, self-directed handwriting program for children and adults. Provides a clear, concise, step-by-step approach with opportunity for lots of practice. Plus, all materials are handwritten, providing constant modeling. Legible, logical, easy to write, and easy to teach. Even if you've never taught handwriting, you'll find this series easy to follow and full of guidance, tips and creative practice material Based on learning classic italic manuscript and then adding joins to make cursive (no new letters to learn for cursive).
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