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Kindergarten Math Resources

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Beginning Math at Home
Elizabeth J. Peterson
Guided to ages 3-6 Yrs. These ''Beginning'' programs have been developed for parents and teachers of young children, 3-6 years of age. Both programs begin with a pre-test so that you may measure the progress achieved by each student. :1 This program is color-coded and designed to teach the following: Kit 1 (salmon)- shapes, tallest and shortest, longest and shortest; Kit 2 (yellow)- counting and quantity, more than and less than, time on the hour; Kit 3 (blue)- addition (combinations to 10); Kit 4 (green)- subtraction (combinations to 10). A game ''Going to the Moon,'' and a chart showing the correct way to write numbers are also included.
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Developing Number Concepts Using Unifix Cubes
Kathy Richardson
Make math concepts come alive for students with this comprehensive guide to using Unifix Cubes. Based on the concept that the students learn best through actual participation.
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Gobble Up Math
Give students an appetite for learning mathematics using food as a tool for understanding concepts. Kids use healthy foods such as raisins, pasta, cereal and fruit to learn about patterns, sets, geometry, measurement, number systems, fractions and estimates.
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Math K
Part of excellent K-12 textbook and workbook math program. K-3 is manipulative based and are sold with home study kits. Students will generally work independently. Uses an effective incremental learning model.
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Math, Grade K
Frank Schaffer
Kindergarteners will receive their first introduction to mathematics with the help of this title.
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Mathematics Their Way
Mary Baratta-Lorton
An activity-centered math program, not a workbook. Offered are a complete range of math skills essential to number understanding. Insight of the patterns of math through the use of concrete materials is the theme of this program.
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Key Curriculum Press
Miquon Math
Good beginning math in a consumable workbook format. Takes your child up to a 4th grade level in math.
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A Beka Book
Numbers Skills K
This colorful book reinforces number concepts and formation through 100, simple addition and subtraction combinations, telling time, number sequences, number words, and working with money. Soft cover.
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Saxon Math Program
John Saxon
For starters, I want to put out there that my experience of Saxon is that either people love it or hate it and I think that is based on a lot of different things. What I am convinced of is that this program, if used correctly, will give your child a solid math foundation. Personally, I love it! I love the Saxon program as I find it extremely solid. If you want to read my in-depth review visit my site at www.happyhomeschoolinghousewife.com and click on REVIEWS.
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