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Grade 8 Reading Resources

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Barton Reading and Spelling
Susan Barton
Barton Reading and Spelling is intended for learners who have some form of dyslexia (which can range from mild to profound). If your child is having any challenge learning how to read, please visit www.brightsoultions.us to learn more about dyslexia. Susan Barton has provided many free online seminars and videos to watch for free. They are very informative! But onto the curriculum review. As taken from Bartonreading.com: ''The Barton Reading & Spelling System is a one-on-one tutoring system that will greatly improve the spelling, reading, and writing skills of children, teenagers or adults who struggle due to dyslexia or a learning disability.'' Barton is Orton-Gillingham based. This in and of itself is imperative for the dyslexic learner! Susan has put together a tutoring system that is thorough, systematic, hands-on, engaging, and much more! I cannot say enough positive things about this program! But it gets better...their customer service is exemplary! Even if you didn't purchase your level (there are 10 levels total) from them directly, they will still talk to you and guide you along the way. They do not push you to purchase brand new from them, and even give you information on reputable sources to purchase used! Yes, this system is not inexpensive. However, think of it this way. You can sell it used and recoup about 75% of what you spent. Also, if you were to have a Certified Barton Tutor teach your child, you would spend thousands of dollars. Finally, one could keep spending hundreds of dollars on reading curriculum that will not work for the dyslexic learner. Barton works!
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English from the Roots Up
Joegil Lundquist
Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling, and S.A.T. Scores. Greek/Latin. Written by: Joegil Lundquist. Learn and understand the Greek and Latin roots of the English language. Designed and written for 5th grade and up.
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Bob Jones University Press
Excursions in Literature, Grade 8
Presents six unit themes--choices, friends, viewpoints, adventurers, discoveries, and heroes and villains--focusing on a person's journey through life, his progression from making choices to the final molding of his character as a hero or a villain. Completes the year with the novel Wine of Morning. Teacher's Manual includes introductory material for each selection, discussion questions, and supplemental exercises. Teacher's Manual: 128 pages; loose-leaf in ring binder. Student Text presents selections with brief introductions, reading check questions, and color and black-and-white illustrations. Student Text: 512 pages; hardbound.
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Improving Your Vocabulary Skills
No words to learn. This is a skills approach to word building. Helps students develop their word power in two ways--via word attack skills and examination of context clues. Teaches the meanings of the 50 most commonly used prefixes, 50 common suffixes and 28 basic roots. Contains intensive teaching on the 13 principal ways of deriving the meaning of words from their context. Consumable. Grades 5 through 12.
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A Beka Book
Of Places, Grade 8
As students read this character building anthology, they are introduced to some of the best of the world's authors and are given the opportunity to make personal applications through thought-provoking questions. Emphasizes setting and provides many models for student compositions. Valuable Teacher Guide includes a scope and sequence for the course, teaching helps for each selection in the book, an introduction to the work, answers to questions in the text, discussion ideas, and enrichment activities. Student text is soft-cover, 521 pages.
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Pathway Readers
Our Heritage
Hardback book: 476 pgs.
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Memoria Press
Tradtional Logic: An Introduction to Formal Logic
An excellent book for teaching the original thinking skill, Logic. This book, designed for grades 8 and up provides a systematic study of formal logic without falling prey to the topic hopping found in most contemporary logic programs.
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