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Grade 7 Writing and Language Arts Resources

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All About Learning Press Inc.
All About Spelling
Marie Rippel
''All About Spelling is a seven level program. It teaches encoding skills, reliable spelling rules, and multisensory strategies to help your student become a proficient speller for life. Based on the latest research, this award-winning program provides complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach.''
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Any Child Can Write
Harvey S. Weiner
Written in a warm and engaging style by a renowned educational authority, this program shows parents how to set up an atmosphere that encourages creative written expression--preschool through high school (and beyond)--by building attitudes of aptitude that, coupled with a parent's guidance, create confidence in linguistic ability. Wiener's philosophy of writing and many suggested activities will give you the framework you need to nurture the creative process in your children.
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Christian Journal Writing Intermediate
This book divides journal writing into 12 themes--faith, loyalty, kindness, fairness, trust, and more--helping children integrate Christian values and journal writing into their everyday lives. A calendar for each month includes daily writing activities
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Composition & Creative Writing for the Middle Grades (5-8)
Imogene Forte
Companion to Writing Survival Skills, this resource was created to increase the fluency, flexibility, & originality in the written communication skills of your students. All of the activities are skill-indexed for no-fuss planning.
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Critical Thinking Activities to Improve Writing Skills Arguments A-1
Michael Baker
Four activity books helps teachers supplement their writing programs with easy-to-use critical thinking activities that emphasize real life communication skills. Students analyze a critical-thinking problem, produce a solution, and communicate their solution in writing to other students. Ideal for grades 4-12 and works well with younger gifted students and as a remediation tool for older ones. Students practice skills by analyzing short complex problems and writing solutions to them.
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Cursive Connections
Kathryn Libbie
This cursive workbook uniquely emphasizes letter connections, rather than the letters in isolation. This workbook briefly introduces the letter, and then pairs it with previously learned letters, beginning with the vowels. Practice becomes increasingly complex, progressing into the usage of the letter in words, phrases, and finally sentences. The result is fluent, quality cursive.
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Out of print
Easy Grammar
Easy Grammar Plus
Wanda Phillips
After trying multiple grammar programs with mixed results, we found Easy Grammar. This program is unique because it starts with prepositions. After crossing out prepositional phrases, finding subjects, verbs, direct objects, etc., becomes much easier. For us, this program succeeded where others had not. The teacher's book has reproducible student pages (great for multiple children), but a student workbook is also available.
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From Heart to Page; Journaling Through the Year for Young Writers
Michelle Van Loon
This book gives the teacher and student 150 ideas for daily journal writing. It is an easy to use guide to encourage young writers in the writing process.
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A Beka Book
Grammar and Composition I
James Chapman
Traditional grammar and writing work-text that emphasizes the fundamentals of grammar and develops the student's ability to think analytically and to write clearly and effectively. Presents clear, concise instruction in the use of standard English. Text has an abundance of exercises, sentence diagramming, cumulative reviews, composition exercises related to the grammatical points being studied, and a compact handbook of rules and definitions. Teacher Key and test booklet available. Soft cover.
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If You're Trying to Teach your Kids how to Write, You've Gotta Have this Book
Marjorie Frank
This all-time favorite is a how-to book for understanding and working with the whole writing process, an at-your-fingertips source of ideas for starting specific activities, and a manual for solving writing problems.
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