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Grade 5 Bible and Discipleship Resources

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7 Steps to Bible Skills
Dorothy Hellstern
An Easy Step-By-Step Guide For Learning To Use Your Bible. Here students will learn the skills they need to study the Bible, how to pronounce and spell the names of the books of the Bible and why they are arranged the way they are. How to use marginal references, concordances and map indexes. It teaches pronunciation, vocabulary enrichment and specialized terms. Proves the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, plus will help them start their own daily quiet time. Written expressly to give 4th - 6th graders a strong and shatterproof foundation in Scripture.
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Bible Doctrine for Older Children
Two books. Book A: Chapters 1-10. Book B: Chapters 11-20. Ages 11 & up. A total of 150 stories to help explain the doctrinal concepts.
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Netherlands Reformed Church
Bible Doctrine for Younger Children
Two books. Book A, Chapters 1-10. Book B, Chapters 11-20. Uses Heidelberg Catechism, Belgic Confession & Canons of Dordt as secondary standards. Ages 8-12. Has space to write answers.
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Bob Jones University Press
Bible Truths, Grade 5
Leads students through the life of Christ and the history of the early church. Concludes with a unit on prophecy. Includes colorful maps and illustrations to heighten interest and understanding. Teacher's Edition contains 180 lessons that correspond with the student text. Includes suggested review activities and bulletin board ideas. Teacher's Edition: 400 pages; student text with answer overprints; loose-leaf in ring binder. Student Worktext presents each lesson with activities and review questions. Includes a time line of the life of Christ. Student Worktext: 256 pages; softbound; color and black-and-white illustrations. Elementary Bible Truths Handbook contains a complete glossary of Bible terms, Bible Action Truths, and catechism questions and answers.
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Developing Godly Character in Children
Beverly Caruso
This book provides parents and others who work with children a guide for building Godly character in young lives. The elements of study are 98 character qualities, definitions and key verses, scripture passages for meditation, Bible facts, hymns and choruses and project ideas. There are practical tips for planning unit studies and setting goals for your family and for the individual child.
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Discovery - In the Beginning: Genesis
Patricia Russell
This course is designed for the older elementary student. It's primary focus is a detailed study of the Bible Text, with Questions to help the student read, examine, and understand Scripture. The study includes Map Studies, Word, Phrase & Name Meanings, and a Weekly Lesson Review. This study is appropriate for students in the 3rd through 6th grades.
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Elsie Dinsmore
Martha Finley
This is a very sweet story of a young girl whose mother has died and has been left with an uncle to live. She loves her father very much even though she has never met him. She trusts Christ to help her in her every day life and her struggles are all based on how Christ would have her to respond.
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Face to Face with Women of the Bible
In this age of super-powered heroines, your daughter needs realistic, positive role models. Your daughter can learn from these women's triumphs and mistakes. 68 stories include all the well-known women of the Bible. Wonderful illustrations! 238 pages. Ages 6 and up. Reading level: grades 4-6.
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Girl Talk
Sandra Byrd
Girl Talk addresses what’s on girls’ minds – faith, family, school, friends, and more. Author Sandra Byrd understands the issues facing today’s girls and, taking answers straight from the Bible, offers sound, godly advice. From self-evaluation quizzes and action points propel readers toward and interactive relationship with God.
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Glow in the Dark Fish
B. J. Reinhard
A book about nature's amazing facts and how they relate to our spiritual lives. Context for daily talks about God and our relationship with Him.
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