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About Face Space Race (Astrokids Book 5)
Robert Elmer
Meet the astrokids – Buzz, Miko, Mir, DeeBee, and Tag- five friends learning biblical truth through out-of-this world adventures about space station CLEO 7. The Astrokids had two entries in the 2175 Martian Mega-Marathon space scooter race. But everything went wrong you know, wrong.
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Backyard Bandit Mystery (Cul-De-Sac Kids)
Henry wants to earn money for the Cul-de-sac Kids Club. They decide to have a garage sale. But one night some of their treasures disappear. Is there a bandit in the neighborhood? Who is stealing from the Cul-de-sac Kids?
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Bad Bug Blues
Sigmund Brouwer
When Joel and Ricky Kidd’s mom sends them to a concert with Old Mr. Jones, Joel brings a jar of caterpillars along for company. Everything’s fine, till one escapes. Who knew a little caterpillar could move so quickly? Will Mr. Jones be mad at them?
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Black Beauty
Anna Sewell
Written by Anna Sewell in 1877. As a fine horse goes from one master to another, readers learn the story of his life in nineteenth-century England.
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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Ronald Dahl
Written by Ronald Dahl in 1964. Each of five children, lucky enough to discover an entry ticket into Mr. Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, takes advantage of the situation in his own way.
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Cry of Courage
Lee Roddy
Gideon Tugwell is determined to escape the hard-scrabble farmer's life of his father and become a writer. But when war breaks out between the North and South and his older brother enlists, Gideon is left with even more farm chores and less time than ever to pursue his dreams.
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Dangerous Dreams
Jim Ware
This book introduces readers to Livy, a servant girl in Pontius Pilate's home who dreams of living free. Her mistress comes to her with disturbing dreams of a Jewish man with kind eyes. Will this be the key to Livy's freedom?
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Daniel's Duck
Clyde Robert Bulla
A novice wood carver is momentarily defeated when people laugh at the result of a winter of work.
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Fiddlesticks (Cul-de-Sac-Kids)
Beverly Lewis
Shawn Hunter is dying to make the soccer team. He goes to practice and works out secretly at home, but time is running out. Can his cul-de-sac friends help him make the team? Or will the teasing at school mess Shawn up during tryouts?
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Johanna Spyri
Written by Johanna Spyri in 1880. The goats and the grandfather are Heidi's only happiness when she is sent from her mountain home to a big city to go to school and to be a companion for a wealthy, gentle girl who cannot walk.
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