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Grade 3 Art Resources

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Alleluia Art
Anita Stohs
Children ages 6-10 will enjoy this book of 60 fun crafts that help reinforce 28 Old Testament and 32 New Testament Bible stories.
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Art Adventures at Home -- Level 2
At last, homeschoolers have an art curriculum designed specifically for home use, by authors who know what it is to be teaching their children at home. By telling me what to teach, the authors gave me a reason, beyond just having fun, for tackling a series of art projects. For homeschoolers who enjoy art, this is a curriculum that can put structure into your teaching and eliminate the need for comprehensive planning. For those who are not artistically-oriented, it will inspire you and give you both the motivation and ability to teach art.
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Cartooning Basics
Duane Barnhart
This is a fun book with, step-by-step cartooning techniques, tips, and Trivia for kids, parents, and teachers. Duane Barnhart has expanded his cartooning career from national magazine cartoons, newspaper syndication, and book illustration to include the classroom as an artist-in-residence. He now brings his successful cartooning lessons to everyone in Cartooning Basics.
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Cartooning with Letters, Numbers, and Shapes
Bill Costello
Simple step-by-step instructions show children how to turn letters, numbers, and the simplest of shapes into cartoon animals creatures.
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Christ's Kids Create!
Deborah Stroh
Each book has over 100 craft ideas, group projects, recipes, reproducible activity pages, pattern sheets, & ways to make Bible memory work fun. Each project will reinforce the Christian themes & concepts children learn throughout the year. Ages 4-14.
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Kids Create
Laurie Carlson
Art & Craft Experiences for 3-9 Year Olds Introducing the basics of working with paper & paste, clay & dough, printmaking, sculpture, and varied art & craft techniques. Filled with tips & has guides to time each project & degree of difficulties also listed for each project.
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