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Grade 2 History, Geography, and Social Studies Resources

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Beautiful Feet
Early American History for Primary Grades
Rea C. Berg
Beginning in the year 1000 with the Vikings and continuing through the Civil War.
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From Sea to Shining Sea
Peter Marshall
Designed for 5-8 year olds. 72 page activity book. Start learning that the early Americans loved God. This informative book begins with the years following the Revolutionary War and concludes with America on the brink of the tragic Civil War. Readers discover how godly influences shaped the writing of America's constitution as the authors describe the ways that God has worked through people such as Chief Justice John Marshall and Francis Asbury. Introduce a whole new generation to why we say ''One nation under God.''
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Guide to Ancient Egypt
Cynthia Shearer
Organizes readings & activities into 10 lessons with each lesson taking one to two weeks. Includes vocabulary lists and discussion questions. Can be adapted for grades 2-7. Recommended by Mary Pride. Paperback.
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Bob Jones University Press
Heritage Studies, Grade 2
Continues the narrative of American history from Jamestown through the War for Independence. Topics include farming, shopkeeping, kings and queens, and clothing. Teacher's Edition contains 62 lessons, which can be completed in a semester if taught twice a week in a 20- to 30-minute lesson. Includes an alternative schedule if a year-long course is preferred. Provides 6 supplemental lessons for fun and interest. Teacher's Edition: 424 pages; reduced student pages; second edition; spiral binder. Student Text 224-page full-color softbound text.
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A Beka Book
Our America
Second graders step back into history and learn what life would have been like in our country's early days. They learn the history of our flag and of patriotic songs and holidays and study the lives of groups that made valuable contributions to our American heritage: the Pilgrims, American Indians, early colonists, pioneers, cowboys, and immigrants. Geography is interwoven; review questions and activities throughout help to check comprehension. Soft cover.
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Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans
Edward Eggleston
52 stories about great Americans bring history to life for children in the early grades. Recommended for ages 6-8. Illustrated. 163 pages. Hardcover.
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The Light and the Glory
Designed for 5- 8 year olds. 72 page activity book. ''Early Americans loved God and knew that He loved them too.'' Younger children can start learning about their national heritage. The Light and the Glory activity book conveys foundational concepts for pre-readers and beginning readers from the adult and children's versions of history books.
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