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Grade 12 Music Resources

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Great Christian Hymn Writers
Jane Stuart Smith
Meditate upon the lyrics of ''Holy, Holy, Holy,'' ''His Eye Is on the Sparrow,'' ''Have Thine Own Way, Lord,'' and ''O, For a Thousand Tongues,'' and think about the effect they have had on your worship life. In exploring the stories behind these and other hymns, the authors have detailed the intriguing and often painful circumstances that resulted in the writing of many of our best-loved hymns. The stories of the struggles and joys of our hymn writers lend their songs even more poignancy. This is a great resource for worship services, sermon illustrations, homeschool, and private devotions.
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The Home School Music Course: Easy, Self Instruction on How to Play any Song!
Mark Kapner
For keyboard and piano. This book and cassette program is real music instruction. It is designed for independent study, complete with illustrations, work sheets with answers and a cassette tape to hear all the examples. This course can be adjusted to the development of the student and can be used for the whole family. The author recommends this program for ages 7/8 to adult level. Includes many familiar songs and by playing the exercises you will enhance motor skill development, improve concentration as your child develops eye & hand coordination.
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