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Grade 10 Foreign Language Resources

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Basics of Biblical Greek Grammar
William D. Mounce
Basics is a first year Greek grammar, supported by a workbook and teacher aids. It now comes with a CD ROM. The Basics of Biblical Greek is an entirely new, integrated approach to teaching and learning New Testament Greek. It makes learning Greek a natural process and shows from the beginning how an understanding of Greek helps in understanding the New Testament.
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Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar
Miles Van Pelt
Basics of Biblical Hebrew takes the groundbreaking integrative approach of William Mounce’s widely used Basics of Biblical Greek and applies it to learning and teaching biblical Hebrew. This book makes learning Hebrew a natural process and shows from the very beginning how understanding Hebrew helps in understanding the Old Testament.
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Breaking Out of Beginner's Spanish
Joseph J. Keenan
Though not for beginners since it does require the reader to know the mechanics of the language, this book will teach the intermediate speaker how to actually communicate in Spanish. The author doesn't just teach a series of idioms, but explains the reasons behind how and why to use them.
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Usborne Books and More
First 1000 Words in (French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and more)
These books have internet linked sources where you can hear how to pronounce words in each picture dictionary. A great basic book for the language of your choice!
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Rosetta Stone
Homeschool Spanish (Latin America) Levels 1-5
Rosetta Stone Homeschool teaches your student a new language naturally, the same way they mastered their first language. Innovative solutions get them speaking new words, right from the start. Rosetta Stone Homeschool moves forward only when your student is ready--you set the schedule and your student drives the pace. Parent Administrative Tools allow you to formulate lesson plans, manage your student's progress and track their success. Audio Companion CDs let them reinforce the Rosetta Stone experience anytime, anywhere.
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Association for Japanese Language Teaching
Japanese for Young People I
This book is a must for Japanese Beginners. It contains numerous amount of examples along with colorful illustration. All this equal to a new way of learning Japanese.
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Living Language
Living Language French
For Beginners or Those Who Want a Thorough Review. The Living Language French Complete Course teaches the basics of French language and usage. It uses a highly effective speed-learning method developed by U.S. government experts to teach languages to overseas-bound service personnel and diplomats.
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Power-Glide Foreign Language Courses
Robert W. Blair
The course is available in Spanish, French, German, Latin, Russian and Japanese. It has easy to follow daily lesson plans, workbook and audio cassettes or CDs. You go from beginning to advanced levels in one course. Students learn to actually speak the language and not just pass a test. It includes fun and engaging puzzles, games, stories, and music with a wide variety of activities for all types of learners. It is internationally accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.
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Reading and Writing Chinese
William McNaughton
A Guide to the Chinese Writing System. Written by: William McNaughton and Li Ying. Reading and Writing Chinese has been the standard text for foreign students and self-teachers of the Chinese Writing System since Tuttle first published it over 20 years ago. This new, completely revised edition offers students a more convenient, efficient, and up-to-date introduction to the writing system.
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Spanish Now: Level 1
Ruth Silverstein
Written by: by Ruth J. Silverstein, Allen Pomerantz, Heywood Wald, Natha Quinones, Nathan Quinones (Editor). The new, updated edition of this basic classroom textbook and workbook emphasizes oral proficiency, while also instructing in grammar, vocabulary, idioms, reading, and listening comprehension.
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